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Anders Invest has a 75% stake in Vitotherm in Pijnacker (NL). Vitotherm develops and produces burners for the greenhouse horticulture market and the industry. The team of Stackdoor is highly experienced with respect to burner technique.

Vitotherm is world market leader in burner technique for the greenhouse horticulture sector and front runner with respect to sustainable burner technology. The horticulture uses Low-NOx burners for the heating of greenhouses. The CO2 from the burner will be used to accelerate the growth process of the crops. The nitric oxide (NOx) which is produced by combustion has to be minimized in order to realize maximum growth for the crops. This requires specific, high quality burners that operate optimally under different climatic conditions. Vitotherm supplies burners with an output between 2 MW and 25 MW for decades. Maintenance and SCIOS-inspections are mostly performed by Vitotherm itself and are an important foundation under long-lasting customer relationships. The burners are designed and manufactured in-house, when necessary based on customer-specific requirements. Through a network of installers and greenhouses, thousands of burners have been installed worldwide nowadays.


In recent years Vitotherm uses its knowledge of burners increasingly to serve industrial clients, like asphalt factories, power plants and the process industry. There are several new markets which are interesting for Vitotherm, both nationally and internationally. Furthermore the growth of international demand for Dutch-built greenhouses offers an outstanding growth perspective.


Investment manager: Johan van Renselaar


Interested in working at Vitotherm? Contact Vitotherm via this page.