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Anders Invest has an 80% stake in VIOS Houttechniek in Driebruggen (NL). VIOS is the market leader in the Netherlands in staircases for residential buildings.


VIOS, founded in 1914, is the market leader in the Netherlands in the field of engineering, production and assembly of serial custom-made wooden staircases for residential construction. The company has most large, medium and small Dutch construction companies as customers. VIOS is increasingly involved in the construction process so that the right staircase is installed at the right time and the completion of the home can proceed in a timely manner. On the sales side, VIOS is also integrated with contractors and developers with online tools with which home owners can configure their stairs. In addition to serial-produced staircases, VIOS makes exclusive, tailor-made staircases including carpentry, stair gates and stair railings.

Stairrailing factory Fremeyer in Hoorn is also part of the transaction. VIOS has a third location in Doetinchem with a showroom where various luxury staircases can be seen. VIOS increasingly inspires its customers and end users in the application of higher quality staircases, finishes and various options. VIOS has a modern and automated machine park at its factory in Driebruggen, which means that a staircase is processed very efficiently from drawing to end product.

In the past 10 years, VIOS has acquired a leading position in the market through organic growth and through various takeovers of smaller staircase factories. Due to the increasing demands on building processes, solid prospects for the number of new homes to be delivered and the consumer who expects more customization, the company sees sufficient opportunities for further growth. VIOS is characterized by a pleasant organizational culture with loyal employees with attention to quality and craftsmanship. 


Investment manager: Rutger de Vos