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November 21, 2019

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Anders Invest starts the Anders Invest Evergreen Fund

December 10, 2015

Anders Invest started with a succesful first year in the beginning of 2015. We did two investments from own resources which are currently satisfying both the company and the investor. We gathered brand awareness at companies, potential investors and service providers. There is a considerable pipeline of investment opportunities. Anders Invest decided to set up an investment fund and to open it to third parties. The fund has the name Anders Invest Evergreen Fund and registered at the AFM at 4 December 2015. Until February 2016 there is a possibility to sign up for the fund and to become a part of this entrepreneurial network.


The Anders Invest Evergreen Fund has some ‘other’ properties by which it has a unique position. The fund does not focus on fast exits, but aims at creating sustainable growth for the companies in which it invests. The return for the fund and external investors is primarily due to an active dividend strategy.  In addition, the fund pays out super dividends from profits made at exits, we expect that appropriate exit opportunities will be created regularly at good companies. The fund does not have a fixed end date, which has the advantage that companies do not have to be sold at unfavorable moments. We thus align with the long-term vision of entrepreneurs and thereby gain access to attractive deals. This was an important aspect for the first two companies of the fund, Metalura and Stackdoor, besides the operational hands-on support we deliver from our rich experience in the making industry.


In the coming 5 years the fund will grow to 30 to 50 million euro in several steps. By step-by-step growth we prevent ‘investment pressure’ and remain able to apply our strict principles for participating in companies. The yearly flow of capital creates a market around the fund, which enables the current investors to sell to new investors. The management promises to stay involved with a large part of its personal capital. Until a fund volume of 20 million euro the management will invest at least 10% of the capital against equal conditions.


The minimal investment amount in the first capital round is 150,000 euros, of which two third has to be paid at the start. The goal of the first round is a volume between 4 and 7 million euro. In the last months more than 80 people, mainly entrepreneurs, were interested in the fund. Anders Invest is building a network of entrepreneurial investors around the fund by regularly visiting companies and other events. This network can enhance both the fund and the portfolio companies. If the fund is over-signed, all investors are allowed to join, also if they invested the minimal amount. The presentation of the fund concept to a first group of potential investors led to a commitment in most of the cases. The attractive expected return, the relatively small risk, the sustainable and value-oriented style, the market conform conditions, the experience of Bob Houter with small-and-medium sized companies and the M&A-track record of Gert-Jan Huisman as CEO of Centrotec turned out to play an important role in this decision.

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