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> 10 mio EUR turnover

> 25 employees

Long term 


Relationship oriented

Mutuality focussed

Long-term oriented





The team of Anders Invest has a background in industrial companies. Within the setting of production or development, eventually combined with service and trade, we are fast in detecting challenges by our extensive experience. We are proved successful in realizing growth within diverse (international) companies.  

Type of entrepreneur

We are active shareholders and have a long-term focus. Our work is based on values and we consider it important to maintain a dialogue with the entrepreneur. We would like to cooperate with passionate entrepreneuers to realize value-oriented growth. Therefore we do not participate in auctions.


We aim at companies with more than 25 employees and/or a turnover of more than € 10 million. We provide capital between € 1 million and € 50 million (both majority and minority interests) to companies with an equity value of max € 250 million. That means that our focus - depending on the valuations - fits to companies with an EBITDA of at most € 30 million. Start-ups and 'early stage' investments do not belong to our focus and expertise.




It starts with an interview, preferably at the location of the company. If there is mutual trust and confidence, the process wil start.  We investigate your company and your market. It is important to us how you work and with whom you are working. We will have a long-term relationship, so the foundation has to be good.


We provide capital - from € 1 million to € 50 million- and aim at the acquisition of shares (minority or majority). We invest both our own capital as well as money trusted to us by third parties. We have a long investment horizon of at least 10 years.


After an investigation into your company we will come with an investment proposal.  Anders Invest has as a sparring partner the same interest as the entrepreneur to lift the company to the next level.  Of course our extensive network will open new doors.

Influence vs power

We look for influence and not for power. By knowlegde, experience and engagement we obtain influence on the business.  Our cooperation contracts have a low legal profile. We restrict ourselves to main items and do not want to earn money by legal tricks.



mutuality Focussed

Mutuality is treating another as you want to be treated. Respect for mutual interests is the basis. We do not enter into agreements where only one party is maximizing profits. No lengthy contracts or judicial tricks. We always aim at win-win situations.



long-term oriented

Sustainability is a trend, but truly behaving sustainable is a challenge. It means that we take the tension between (short term) financial results, development of employees and responsibility for the environment serious. Only then sustainable value-creation is possible, also for shareholders. We want to account for our deals to future generations.


Being transparent starts with being accountable to stimulate long-term relationships. We choose for a vulnerable position. No hidden agendas, but being direct and open. That means that we also admit mistakes if we make them. Transparency stimulates long-term relationships. 


Successful organizations are characterized by flexibility and innovation .  This can only be reached together. This means that everyone has to be involved, there has to be focused and open communication where contradiction can be inspiration. That is how we work on confidence and engagement.