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Anders Invest has a 60% share in gAvilar B.V., located in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. gAvilar has established a market leader position in the production and sales of regulating and measuring components for the gas infrastructure in the Netherlands. The company develops, produces and sells gas regulators, gas stations and connection sets. In the majority of the Dutch households there is an active gas regulator from Dordrecht. The company generates a turnover of approximately € 15 million, provides jobs to more than 60 employees, is growing and has been profitable for many years.

gAvilar was founded in 1858 as Meterfabriek Dordrecht, a well known brand in Dutch industrial history. In 1983 it was the first company outside the auto-industry that implemented a fully robotized production line. After being owned by a number of global companies (i.e. Schlumberger, Actaris, Itron) the current management and a number of private investors acquired the company in 2012. Anders Invest and the two managers, Pieter Klijs en Arie Visser, continue the development of gAvilar. Former manager Ad Huijps is chairman of the Advisory Board. The Rabobank supported the financing of the transaction 


gAvilar has a strong position within the Dutch gas network. Due to automation of the production and excellent engineering the company is able to deliver a constant high quality, which is key to guarantee a safe and reliable gas network. For years now gAvilar has been one of the few companies that can meet the high quality and safety standards demanded for products that are installed in the gas network. The company manages to generate a growing turnover abroad. Anders Invest will help to strengthen this potential.


Anders Invest highly appreciates the management and employees of gAvilar and will put her knowledge and expertise with production companies to work to successfully continue the already long history of the company.


Investment manager: Rutger de Vos