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The Anders Invest Evergreen Fund has a fund volume of more than € 75 million (including co-investment volume). This fund has an infinite duration and thereby focuses on the long term. Approximately 150 entrepreneurs trusted capital to this fund. The fund management invested a substantial part of its own capital in the fund. The fund will grow in a yearly cycle by additional investments from current- and new investors. In upcoming rounds a total fund volume (including co-investments) of € 125 million is expected.


Return & RIsk

The partners of Anders Invest have a background in the industry. They led companies themselves of the type in which we invest and they have proved to be able to add much value. We know what is going on in the companies and the markets in which they operate. We involve investors in Anders Invest in the companies as to realize the potential of all knowledge and networks. 

Anders Invest aims at a diversified portfolio of high quality and fast growing companies. We choose for healthy and growing companies where our involvement can realize even more value. We expect a good return and a manageable risk. By the legal structure of a cooperation the corporation tax exemption is guaranteed, also for interests below 5%.