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Anders Invest has a 70% stake in Brabant Groep in Oosterhout (NL). Brabant Groep blasts (automated) and conserves large steel plates and oversized objects. Since decades the company has a leading position in the Benelux blasting industry.

Brabant Group is market leader in automated blasting and preservation of steel plates and profiles for the shipbuilding industry. Other conservation specialisms of the company are lacquering, metallizing and application of fire retardant coatings. Brabant Group has its own large locations in Oosterhout, Waspik and Heerenveen, with access via the road and over the water, which enables it to deal with oversized objects such as pipe spools, windmills, sheet piles, bridges and pipe works. For decades the company has been blasting and preserving steel in the Netherlands and abroad.


The stable demand for preservation work and the growing industry in the Benelux offer a great perspective for the company. By continuing to invest in automation of blasting and preserving and in new preserving techniques which reduce the impact on the environment Brabant Group wants to remain front runner in its branche. 



Investment manager: Theo van Stuijvenberg