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3953 BA Maarsbergen, the Netherlands, 

+31 (0)85 4019312,

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 We work as a team of proved successful entrepreneurs and hands-on managers. We have expertise on the field of strategy, finance, lean production, turnaround management, online strategy and process optimalization.


MUTUALITY focussed

Mutuality is treating another as you want to be treated. Respect for mutual interests is the basis. We do not enter into agreements where only one party is maximizing profits. No lengthy contracts or judicial tricks. We always aim at win-win situations.

long-term oriented

Sustainability is a trend, but truly behaving sustainable is a challenge. It means that we take the tension between (short term) financial results, development of employees and responsibility for the environment serious. Only then sustainable value-creation is possible, also for shareholders. We want to account for our deals to future generations.



Being transparent starts with being accountable to stimulate long-term relationships. We choose for a vulnerable position. No hidden agendas, but being direct and open. That means that we also admit mistakes if we make them. Transparency stimulates long-term relationships. 



Successful organizations are characterized by flexibility and innovation .  This can only be reached together. This means that everyone has to be involved, there has to be focused and open communication where contradiction can be inspiration. That is how we work on trust and engagement.